About the Great Falls Hash House Harriers

The Great Falls Hash runs weekly -- Wednesday evenings (usually at 7 pm) in the Spring and Summer, and Saturdays (at different times) in the Fall and Winter.  Cost is $10 for adults and $5 for children, and the food is reputed to be the best of all the local hashes.  (And while we don't require our members to own property valued in the seven digits, we do in fact encourage it!)

Our hashes are generally A to A starting at a hasher's house or other suitable spot. All bipedal forms of life are welcome, including hashers, r*nners, walkers and even children.

GFH3 History

The genesis of the Great Falls, Virginia Hash stems from John Gurr's run with the San Jose, Costa Rica has while on a business trip there in May, 1982. Pecurliaryly smitten with the concept of Hashing on the bais of that single run, Gurr convened a meeting of several local runners upon his return to Great Falls and proposed the formation of a local Hash chapter. Attending that meeting at Gurr's home were Jay Rini, Bob Clark and Bob Ozols. Clark volunteered to host the first run and it was held at his house on June 23, 1982. Participants in the first run were Bob Clark, Bob Ozols, Mike Murphy, Duncan Ritchie, John Gurr, Kathy Walsh and Doug Greco. The second run was held at Gurr's house on the succeeding Wednesday, June 30, 1982 and saw the first appearance of some of our club's real stalwarts -- namely Bob Vickers, Mike Gillette, and Gerry Dargis. Rae Huffstutler join in on our third run, John Quale on the fourth, Lanny James on the 14th, Bob Nielson on the 15th, Frances Soges on the 19th, Bob Raymond on the 25th, and Bob Kenner on the 28th. Since then, fortunately, the quality of our membership has improved considerably.

Bob Clark organized the design and purchase of our first t-shirt, which was distributed in late 1982. Bob described what Hashing was all about to an artist friend who drew up our now-traditional logo, featurng several (2) gangling Hashers navigating across a field and over a barbed-wire fence in pursuit of a rabbit wearing a veskit labeled "beer". (editor's note - if you knew what a veskit was before reading this and comparing it to the logo - you are way too intellectual to be considered for hashing) There is an uncanny, but perhaps understandable, resemblence between Bob Clark and the lead runner in the pack depicted in our logo.

We celebrated our 50th run (and first anniversary) at the Gurr's home on June 22, 1983. That was the first occasion at which families were invited and a post-hash picnic featured. A second t-shirt edition was brought out a few weeks thereafter to memorialize the event. Our 100th run was celbrated in a truly elaborate style at the Gilletes' estate on June 3, 1984. Families were again invited, a keg of beer was tapped, chicken was grilled en masse, a one-mile "fun run" was organized for those unwilling to participate in the gut-busting 75-minute course laid by hares Ritchie and James (names which will live in infamy), and a refreshing post-run splash in Gillete's neighborhood lake was enjoyed by the sweaty mob.

To be continued...